Websites that's been awarded my "Purr-tastic Site Award"
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These are places, all cat-related of course, that I’ve come across on my travels on the web!  and I’ve found them so fab that I’ve decided to give them my award!


Some have gotten it because they’ve made me laugh, some because I’ve been so impressed (maybe I should say jealous?  Never got the knack of making a superb looking website!), some because the kitties there are nearly as cute as me, and some because they show a great love for the cats that are proudly displayed on the site!


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NB:  If you want to take a look at more than one of them, you might want to right-click and then “open in new window”, otherwise you’ll be taken right there, and leaving this page.

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The Mad Cats! And they really are! They got the kind of site I can only dream of having... A superbly funny and amazing site!

Cindy's Cat Pages... be warned: There's so much great cat stuff here you might be there for hours! Anything from cat facts, cat links to cat poetry!

The Cat Album! Add a piccie of your cat! Help make this the largest online album of kitty piccies! A fab idea!

Flippy's Cat Page! Here you'll find everything a little kitty could ever want to explore on the web... also the all improtant kitties Romeo, Juliet, Chloe, Tiffany and Jetson!

ClydeSight2.0! A must see for all cats and cat lovers! This site is so incredible I can't even try to explain how fab it is! My favourite is "Why Cats Are Superior To Space aliens!"... it had me rolling on the floor with laughter! Clyde - you're the best... and unbelivable handsome!

Gusto Cat! Read Gustos story of his search in finding a good home... very sad, but in the end everything ended up better than fresh fish! A handsome cat with a beautifully made homepage!

Tineke's Cat Pages! And amazing experience of beauty... her site is exquisite, and so are the kitties there! Be amazed!

Kitties R Us! A beautifully made website, the home of some gorgeous cats... and best of all - every picture and story shows how well loved they all are!

Inges Cat Pages! A stunning website... I get a sore paw just thinking about all the hard work it must have been to make it! Well done to Inge and the Catgang!

The BratCats! This site will make your paws curl with pleasure! Here you find anything from Cat Quotes to Cat Astology! A liberary of knowledge and the all important BratCats, of course!

Rawhawk and the Hooligans! Wow! This is such a cool site... the Hooligans rock! And Rawhawk is just the best at making websites! A must for all gorgeous kittes (like me!)!

The Cats Meow! This sites got everything for kitties all over the world! The site that's "best viewed with a kitty on your lap"... or with a human as pillow! Enjoy!

CloudDancing Cattery! Enter an enchanted site... stunning... just stunning! And not just the site - the kitties too! Be warned: You might get a laughing fit from the "dancing" enter-kitty!

Charlynes Cats Corner! Meet Calendar Girl Anna and her friends Seven and Speckles! A fantastic cats site... + I've gotten a crush on Anna... Purr-purr!

Chewie & Blitzy! This page is making me green with jealousy... well done! A beautiful site with the amazing Chewie and Blitzy as the main attractions!

The Kattenmansite! Wow! Here you'll find the all important Tobi and Kleintje... and tons of other cool stuff! Like mousepointers - shaped like cats! They're so fun... you'll want them all! And why not? One for each week of the year!

Tabby and Tuxedo! Meet the gorgeous Wiki and Ida... two Scandinavian beautiful kitties! A superb site, all catlovers: Enter!

Lazy Kitty City! Meet the 4 feline S's: Sam, Sasha, Socksy and Smokey! Check out Sams funky fur-cut, it could be the "new black"! Also a great graphics page!

Scrappy's Nest! A beautiful and funny site! Meet the fab kitties Dobbin, Bogey, Frenchie and Clancy... and Brindle! Brindle is the love of my life, and you just MUST see her... she's all a handsome kitty can wish for!

Calvin The Cat! ...and Hobbes makes two! Meet the Calvin & Hobbes, the all important felines that rule this site! Lots of fun for kittes (and humans too)... there's even a photo contest!

Catsup! Meet Spock and Dracs... to clever siamese kitties... they're so clever that they've written 2 books!!! Here you'll find a message board, postcards... even quiz and puzzles! Have fun!

Leena's Boys! Wow! I'm so jealous... Leena's boys have the most gorgeous fur!!! Take a look at these amazing cats - and hope that you female felines don't fall head over paws in-love!

Quintilla's Ragdolls! Come meet the stunning Queeny and Minoes! A lovely site, from a lovely cattery based in The Netherlands!

Tam-Tam and Silke! Meet Birthe's beautiful kitties Tam-Tam and Silke (you can also meet Tessa, who's now waiting at Rainbow Bridge)! Remember to check out their fantastic graphic pages! Superb!

Marvaline's Hideaway! Here you'll meet the feline princess Krystal - she's a real gem! Make sure you check out all the other sites Marvaline's got... truly amazing!

KittyCatFurballs! Wow - wow - wow! I don't know where to start... this site is packed with informative and fabulous stuff! Anything from cat sounds to "cat vs X-mas tree"! Hours will not do, make sure you devote a few days! Have fun!

Bionic Basil! Meet Basil... a world famous spy! You can even join his Spy Academy (as must for all kitties!)... and let's not forget the beautiful Posie! Superb!

The Mousekowitz Cats! I'm so jealous... this page is pure magic! A stunning tribute to the gorgeous Mousekowitz kitties! Remember to check out the graphics pages!

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