Somewhere, Bonnie Scotland

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Personal Profile:

Motivated, playful, hardworking individual.  Innovative, creative.  Good communicator.  Relate well with others on all levels.  Proven leadership abilities.   Work effectively within a team.   Proactive.  Keen to develop new and existing skills.


Education and training:

2004:  Training at Mommys

  • Opening eyes
  • Feeding
  • Litter training
  • Biting
  • Playing
  • Looking as cute as possible
Work History:

2004:  Being the master of two humans

  • Planning time schedules of annoyance
  • Making sure I'm always in the way
  • Constantly ripping out plants of their pots
  • Hiding, then attacking
  • Looking very cute
  • Biting on a daily basis
  • Daily updating of my begging skills
  • Occational cuddle, with included purrs
  • Curtain climbing
  • Dining
  • Extreme sleeping
  • Destroying plants
  • Having cuddles

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